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9 months

Friday, May 10th, 2013

My little mini me is 9 months (1/2). It feels so surreal that I am going to have 1 year old soon.. He is so sweet and loves to smile.. He is quite the independent one. He loves playing with toys and follows Luke around like a puppy. I love watching them play together, though Luke is still not into sharing quite yet, so its more like grabbing and stealing toys from each other 🙂

He has the prettiest blue eyes and is from the look of it still keeping his blonde locks. Totally opposite from his brother, that’s why he’s my mini me 🙂 and Luke is definitely a Danny Jr.

Maddox is weighing in at 19 pounds 15 ounces and 30 1/2 inches. He is still around 100% percentile for his height and has dropped a little to 65% percentile for weight.

Maddox is standing up on any and everything. Exciting but not when you have a toddler running around like a tornado making it difficult to not be knocked down.

Says mama all day long.. So sweet. He will hear my voice in the other room and start saying mama as he is crawling at turbo pace to find me.

Loves to dance. Loves to be thrown in the air and do airplane. Loves to get into everything.

Is the greatest napper in the world. Takes 2 a day for about 2 hours. Goes down like a champ, but still waking up once in the night to feed.

Still not eating anything, he won’t even let the spoon touch his mouth before crying.. So breastfeeding it is still.

We had our first safe food this week. YAY for BROCOLLI. He hated it but not reaction so this is one happy mommy!!! I will write a post more on Maddox’s condition on FPIES.. (If you want to learn more here is a link.)

He is wearing 12 months clothes compared to Luke wearing 2T at this age WHAT lol

We Love you our sweet Maddox!!

Trying to Keep Up.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Life is so crazy!! I feel like there isn’t enough time and the time I do have is full of responsibility. haha. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in my to do list. Every night when I put the kids to bed after being mommy ALL day to 2 VERY active boys, I stare into the baby monitors and can’t help but sit there and watch them sleep so innocently and peaceful.. I then I remember that there will always be a to do list and that the only thing that matters, is not how much I get done during the day, but that we are all happy and healthy.

I have been a horrible. horrible . blogger. After today’s overload of a post I am going to do my best to blog after each event…

Since I am too busy to write in detail about everything that has happened in the past month or so I will just post pictures and put some captions, I mean aren’t pictures the best part anyways 🙂

Jocelyn"s Bridal Shower I threw for her in March 🙂

Some of the centerpieces we made

Maddox's First Easter.. Opening his basket

Luke "helping" Maddox with his basket 🙂

Luke the Easter bunny

Getting ready for church...This is the best we could do with smiling

There's the happy boy we all know and love. LOVE him

Easter at grammy and popa's house.. Happy this is going on at their house and not mine lol

Our day wouldn't be complete without Luke doing some crazy stunt and scraping the side of his face on the cement..

Luke playing his guitar with daddy!! Teaching him young. He loves it!

This is how our park days have been looking.. Luke running around and not having anything to do with the actual park. This makes for one tired mommy and one hopefully good nap for Luke..

One of my besties.. Nicole and I had Albrejes celebrating her hubby Ryan's birthday!! Fun night.

Hanging out in our diapers.. Sometimes it feels so surreal that I have two kids both at the age to be in diapers.. Can't wait for that to be over.. Seriously

The calm before the storm.. Literally!! These 2 crack me up in the bath. I am probably just has wet as them when they are done..

I am a big boy now!! Can't believe he is almost walking!!

Taking a walk

Father like son..Two peas in a pod

HAHA So funny

Laser Tag with friends.. Such a fun night!!

Were so hard core

Daddy and Luke in front of a "AIN" as Luke would say

I spy a little boy named Luke

The real plane flying was way cooler than actually standing on one.. Go figure lol