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March Already

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Time is flying by and I can’t even recall half of the things I have done this year. It feels like a huge whirlwind of changing diapers, feeding and feeding, and cleaning.. lol.. The boys are at a fun age right now and I am feeling excited to start doing more things outside now that the weather is getting nicer. Danny has been working a lot lately, more than usual, so I am finding myself trying to come up with new and fun things for the boys to do without Dan there to help. If anyone knows my sweet little Luke, then they would probably know that going most places new that include not being contained in a car seat or stroller, is definitely a 2 person job. I have to admit he is getting a whole lot better but his independence sure is his strong hold. This last week we were playing in the backyard ( Oh yes we finally lay concrete out in the backyard yay!! Now we have a pile of dirt on the other side of the yard, which for the time being is pretty perfect, like a boys dream)

So anyways I was sitting at the patio table and Luke was running around and then he decided to play on the side yard, there is nothing over there dangerous and there is a solid fence without a gate so I figured he was pretty safe.. So i could hear him banging his trucks around and then for a couple minutes I wasn’t hearing him banging his trucks anymore, I didn’t think anything of it, I called him and he didn’t come, which is nothing unusual 🙂 So about 5 minutes had probably passed and I decided to get up and walk over there… When I looked around the corner to my HOAR I see that he moved one of the slats in the fence (only Luke) and he was gone… I charged through the fence breaking the entire thing, and found myself in the middle of the street, standing in my robe, screaming Luke’s name!!! I have NEVER been so scared in my entire life, I was in a complete panic!!! I had only seconds to decide which way I was going to run left or right and all I remember doing was asking  Heavenly father what do I do what do I do… help me help me!!!.. I knew there was a busy street only a few houses down to the left so I went that way… What seemed like 20 minutes I found him playing in the neighbors side yard with his truck not thinking anything was wrong.. I ran up to him, tears running down my face, and held him and wouldn’t let go all day… I have never been this scared and since then have bolted up the fences with plywood.. This kid needs a tracking device!!!

Onto a far less dramatic time.. my birthday haha My birthday fell on  Thursday this year, so I wasn’t planning on actually doing anything since the kids go to bed early and Dan has to wake up early for work.. But to my surprise Dan asked our sweet friend Jocelyn ( Aaron’s fiance) to come watch the kiddos while we went out. I was completely surprised that Dan decided to take  me to a sewing couples session with the most fun teacher ever.. Cindy Bunney Sew Fun For Kids LOVE her!!! It was a great time.. 🙂 We each sewed a pair of pajama bottoms and sported them the rest of the night. I grateful to have a husband that is willing to try anything and to do anything that makes me happy.. He’s quite the catch!!The next day we got to go out again this time to dinner and run around and do some errands.. Seems like it wouldn’t be fun, but surprisingly without kids, Target, the grocery store, and anything for the matter seems a lot more fun lol.. I love my kids, but alone time is sooo nice sometime!!

Sewing our pj's

The last couple of months have consisted of parks, playing in the dirt, lots of baths, sick kids, movies, and lots of whining 🙂 Ill let pictures do the rest of the talking …

Going on a walk.. Brothers? I still don't see it lol

Sliding down the slide. Try a moms worst nightmare.. runnning down the slide!!!

Loving that blonde poof!!!

So cute!!


Luke and dad flying a kite on a windy day!!


Insists on pushing the cart!! And yes those are stickers on his hood 🙂

LOVE him

Luke's favorite person in the whole workd, besides mom and dad, PAPA!! talks about him all day!!

Splashing they can do this for hours!! So cute

Roasting marshmallows with our new fire pit

No dad, I think Ill do this myself!!

We finally transitioned Luke to a big boy bed.. It has been about 3 months now and he loves it!!!

7 months

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Maddox is seven months and growing up way too fast…

He is weighing in at 19 pounds and wearing size 9 months clothes

He still is quite possibly the happiest baby I have ever witnessed… Hands down!!! He is sitting up like a champ and can get to anywhere he wants by rolling and scooting. He’s at the verge of crawling, but isn’t quite there yet… He has sprouted another tooth on the bottom, that makes three. And his two front teeth are just about to come through.. He is the greatest napper during the day and stays on schedule with 2 two hour naps, but he still is waking up once during the night… I love him to pieces, his curiosity for life and everything going on around him, is adorable… He doesn’t want to miss a thing!!!