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Our life in pictures

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Go Niners!! Cuttest niner fans ever!!

Excited to go to church

Oh just watching tv with my hands on my hips

Park is his favorite thing in the whole world

Price to pay being the little brother... So fun

Ya maybe not....


6 months old

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

half a year. seriously. time is flying.

I am so in love with this little guy, I can’t get enough of his smiles and uncontrollable laughter. We have always put the boys in their cribs to sleep starting at 4 weeks, which I wouldn’t want it any other way, Danny and I like (okay LOVE) our alone time, not to mention saving ourselves the hardship of trying to get them out of our bed sometime before they have tripled in size. But as of late, I find myself missing them in the middle of the night when I wake up, I am sure it’s just hormones lol, because I know just one night in our bed with the boys I would never do it again.

Maddox is growing so fast. I feel like the newborn stage was just yesterday. Maddox is rolling all over the place making it a tad bit harder leaving him anywhere. Loves his bouncer. Grabs anything and everything and won’t let go. LOVES his brother, is constantly moving his head around the room listening and looking for Luke. Is sitting up with support. Can’t eat any solids just vomits for hours after eating anything. He has one tooth popped through on the bottom. He’s wearing 9 months clothes.

I was looking at Maddox’s stats and I decided to compare them to Luke at this age:

At six months:

LUKE: 22.6 pounds (100% percentile) 30.5 inches (100%percentile)Wearing 24 months size clothes

MADDOX: 18.10 pounds ( 67%percentile) 28.2 inches (95%percentile) Wearing 9 months clothes

Love you Mr. Maddox