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Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Mommy and Luke running errands..

We have found a lifesaver… These. Carts. Are. Brilliant.

Ill admit, I have become the person with the kid standing up in the cart screaming because he doesn’t want to sit in the seat belt..

But with this contraption we can peacefully get through the store… Oh how I love you!!!!

Weber Update

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Ahhh I have fallen behind on the blogging world.. I have been meaning to get to it, but every time I realize how much I have to catch up on it overwhelms me into not getting to it… So here it goes I am feeling motivated to get you up to speed with the Weber’s.. IĀ  will warn you there might be more pictures than actual sentences.. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here we go šŸ™‚

First and the most exciting news, we are PREGNANT !! We are due in July with another boy!! I am now going on 33 weeks and have begun the nesting, freaking out I am having another baby soon, stage…. We couldn’t be more excited to have the boys close in age. They will be 18 months apart and best buds.

Luke is doing great.. He is into everything, just your typical 100% boy. He’s now 17 months, weighing in at a whopping 30 pounds, and towering over others his age, doesn’t make mommy’s life easy especially when carrying around a pregnant belly. He has the sweetest personality and IĀ  just know he will be the best big brother. Some of his favorites include: coloring, building blocks and crashing them down over and over, playing with his pretend food and kitchen, blueberries, grapes, daddy time, turning in circles until he falls down, his blanket, jumping on the couch, playing hide and seek, nursery at church with his buds, and animal crackers. He is growing so fast and surprises me with what he picks up from others. He is saying a few words but nothing like sentences yet that make since, but he sure understands everything I am saying to him. I am loving this stage with him and feel so blessed to be home with him every day watching him change.

It has been 6 months since he turned one and I realized that I never posted pictures of Luke’s first birthday. We decided to have a small family party this year to celebrate. The party was an all star sports theme courtesy of Danny for choosing. Wasn’t surprised when I asked him what we should do, also wasn’t surprised that he wanted to decorate Luke’s room in an all star sports theme as well, love him!! šŸ™‚Ā  I made him a football cake, sports cupcakes, and golf garland made from his monthly one year pictures. It turned out really cute, can’t wait to have more birthdays for the little ones..

Loves his new chair just his size

Started off being so polite.. just poking

Finally started getting into it 15 minutes later....A couple of his 1 year pictures… He wasn’t having it too much.. He rather be running around

Easter 2012.. This year was really fun celebrating Easter now that Luke is starting to get bigger.. He loved his Easter basket and going Easter egg hunting.. We just finally got to put the eggs away.. We were hiding eggs around the house for over a month after Easter. Here are some pictures of the day… We started off at our place and then went to Lodi to visit my family

Luke collecting Easter eggs. This is his new favorite face to make, cracks me up every time..

Luke and I on Easter and me 6 months pregnant!

Luke with his basket.. Just woke up 5 minutes earlier

Luke collecting his eggs with grammy

Luke doing his thing šŸ™‚ After falling in a mass of mud he decides to continue to look for his eggs shirtless and in full stride.. Love this boy

Family Picture

Last month we went to Hawaii to the island of Kauai just the three of us. It was a perfect get away, just what we needed. We stayed at the Westin for 7 days in the city of Princeville, it was absolutely beautiful, very relaxing. We were a little nervous traveling with Luke since he loves to run everywhere and doesn’t like to sit still for too long. He definitely surprised us on how great he was on the 6 hour plane ride. We were well prepared with all the needed supplies and snacks. While we were there we went to the beach, swam in the pools at the resort, visited a waterfall, went to a Luau, ate yummy food and more of it, shopped, walked around the small towns, and took lots of naps. The only down side was we came back looking not a shade darker. It wasn’t easy laying out when you have a one year old. Oh well! Luke loved the water and screamed every time it was time to come out, definitely making me think we need a pool and swimming lessons this summer.

Ready for the beach

Feeding the fish

Visiting a lighthouse

Before we went into the Luau

Watching the boys get the pig out of the ground at the Luau

Beautiful peacock walking right up to everyone

This April Danny celebrated his 27th birthday…Danny shares his birthday with his good friend Jarett, so this year Haylie and I decided to throw them a surprise dinner for our hubby’s. We had wonderful family and friends come, but I have to admit it turned out looking more like Chucky Cheese’s with all the kids there.. šŸ™‚ Oh the joys of having young families…it was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and it was great to have the boys surprised…

Camo cake

Celebrating Daddy's birthday

And more GREAT News!!! I am an AUNTIE again:) My sister in law Melissa had her adorable baby girl on May 10th.. She named her Saber Victoria.. I am dying to meet her pictures are just not doing it…

Saber Victoria

Melissa and I bump to bump

Chrissy and I at Mel's baby shower in Arizona