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1 Year Old!!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

It’s official I have a one year old.. Now longer do I get to say that I have a month old baby anymore when people ask 🙁 Well people have thought by his size he has been over a year for a couple months haha.. He is growing so fast and can’t believe how quick he picks things up. He took his first steps on his actual birthday last Friday. I couldn’t believe it. I know he would begin anytime since he paces the couch, but seeing him actually do it brought instant tears to my eyes.. I love him so much!! He has gotten better and will walk across the entire room,  until of course he face plants when he gets going to fast. I know there will be months of bruises and tears to come.. He is saying mama and dada.. Balloo for balloon ( which is all I could have gotten him for his birthday, he is obsessed with them) Is understanding me when I ask him where something is or when I tell him No. He has such a cute personality and can make me laugh at the drop of a hat.. This year has flown by I can only hope that time will slow done a little!!!

Weighing in at 29 pounds

I love you Luke Daniel! Happy Birthday!!

11 month

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Where did my little guy go!! Luke is 11 months!!! I almost have a one year old! I am a little late once again posting, his first birthday is this week!!!

He is running along everything just not without holding on to something or someone

Has survived mommy leaving him for a week. More like mommy barely survived.

Says Mama and Dada!!

Starts clapping when you tell him, Clap Luke.. it amazes me how smart he is.

Can cruise up the stairs, but still tries to come down face first

Still loving( obsessed) with cheese

Is maintaining his size of 2T. Thank goodness

Wants to pull everything out of the garbage can and leave nothing

Will only ride backwards in shopping carts, whatever keeps him happy

Eating whatever we eat! Loves pizza. Who doesn’t