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9 month old

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Oh the joys of a nine month old.. Long were the days that I could leave you laying in the middle of the room and run to the bathroom ( by myself) and find you exactly in the spot I left you… You have become Tazzmania.. How I do love seeing the look on your face as you pull yourself up and open a drawer which you know your not supposed to get into and pull everything out and them continue to eat it.. The look of complete self accomplishment! I have loved seeing you develop into quit a handsome little boy. I want to say so desperately little baby still but I know you really are becoming a little boy now!

Some of your newest this month include..

* Your weighing in at about 28 pounds.

* You can stand up and walk along the couch and cabinets all by yourself.

* I finally gave in and got your first hair cut.. I am amazed at how grown up you look now.

* You love to play with any items that are not toys.( Measuring cups, keys, Tupperware, graters, phone books, shoes, any and every cord in the wall you can find..)

* You visted the dentist with your daddy and I and didn’t cry once.

* You are still not sleeping the whole night in your crib. You are still waking up around 12 and wanting to sleep with mommy, and of course I give in everytime!! I have No willpower at 12.

* Your newest love is to spit. Spit loudly. Spit on people. Spit until you and everything else is wet soaking.