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8(1/2+) months old

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Dear Luke

You are now 8 almost 9 months old.. When and how did this happen. Your no longer staying my little baby, your growing so fast..

Some of the new and latest things you are doing:

1) You love your race car and find it absolutely hilarious opening up the kitchen drawers and throwing things until of course you slam your fingers in the drawer.

2) You are crawling ALL over the house at lightning speed..

3) You have eight teeth in and you were an angel when these two last ones came in…

4) You can hold and feed yourself your bottle all by yourself. makes mommy’s life easier. Thank you hunny!

5) You can sit up all by yourself now without any support and not falling. Impressive for such a big guy.

6) I know you like to put everything in your mouth, but my hair really can’t taste that good, maybe we should stop pulling and eating mommy’s hair.

7) You can sit up and play forever in the bathtub, you love your little ducky.

8) You are wearing 2T clothes and size 5 shoes.

9) You are weighing in at 26 1/2 pounds.. Mommies bicep has never been bigger…

10) You are attached at mommy’s hip and wants only mommy all the time… And you love to cuddle to sleep with me ( can this last forever)