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2 Months Already…

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The little man is already two months!!

Actually I am a little late posting.. he’s about 11 weeks!!

(Well not that little, he’s quite the chunk)


Weighing in at:

14 pounds 5 ounces

25 inches long

He is such a joy to have in our lives and quite possible the best-behaved baby ever!

For the past month we have managed to make it through each sacrament meeting with him sleeping. I don’t know how they sleep through that loud organ playing,, each time she starts playing I think he is going to start screaming.

Some things about Luke this month:

  • Luke seems to never be full thus the weight gain. He is eating 5-6 ounces every 2-21/2 hours. Yes all he does is eat.
  • He has been sleeping in his crib for the last month and never cries when we put him to bed. Some nights he wakes up every 3 hours and some 5 hours. Last night was 6 (lets hope) This was at 2 months.. He’s now sleeping eight hours every night YAY!!!!
  • He smiles ALL the time when you talk to him.
  • Still not a fan of tummy time but can hold his head up like a champ.
  • Is obsessed with slobbering on his hand and thinks that food will eventually come out if it the hard he sucks.
  • He just started this new thing of screaming when you try and burp him half way through feeding. He thinks we are done and wants to assure mommy he is not.
  • He is wearing 6 months clothes. Yes 6 months!!!
  • Still spitting up all day long 🙁 Forget the burp towels were now using full on towels.
  • Loves watching is Baby Einstein. Can watch it for up to an hour without getting bored. LOVE IT!!