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Ice Skating Union Square

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

My friend Ashley and I have been begging our men to take us ice skating forever.. so we finally followed through with it and made a night of it. The four of us caught bart in Pleasanton and headed to the Big City for some yummy dinner at Bucco di Pepo and then after dinner we made it to Union Square to ice skate. It was a blast. I was pretty impressed at how well Danny and I did, we didn’t fall even once. We are so grateful to have Ashley and Vince as such great friends, they are the greatest, can’t wait for their wedding 🙂



Haha good thing she is short LOL

Haha good thing she is short LOL

Park City Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

So I am the worst blogger lately, but with s school over for a month I promise to be on top of it. So to catch you up… Danny and I flew to Park City Utah, where we met up with his family. It was absolutely fantastic. HIs parents rented a BOMB three story cabin which was plenty fun. We ate more than anyone should eat in a whole month. LOL We seriously ate like ALL day, YUMMY. Why can’t we have Thanksgiving more than once a year? Well maybe that’s a good thing 🙂 We were lucky to  stay for 5 days, we shopped, played spoons, games, walked the town, and then to top it off we all went to the spa in Park City and got massages. We were preety spoiled but loving every minute of it.  I Love my family, we all have such a great time getting together, I wish we were closer!   Love you all!!!




Here we are after our massage... Out of it!