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Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Thanksgiving was very fulfilling this year… I think we ate more food that day than you eat in a whole week ( but sooo worth it :)) We did Thanksgiving this year altogether this at Mom and Ron’s in Oakdale. It was great because we had my family and grandparents all there as well. It can be challenging at times with having more than one family to visit, but this way we didn’t have to travel around. The day was amazing, we spent the night the night before where all the girls stayed up late cooking and baking. We had a lot of family there on Thanksgiving day, Mom had it decorated so pretty and then the hit of the party was when we had a huge bunco party with family and friends. Everyone had a blast and walked away with some amazing prizes: blue ray disc players, trips to Disney Land, Hawaii, games, jewelry… everyone was so excited!!! And then of course we continued the night with eating 🙂


Here we are two different people. We surprised everyone at Thanksgiving, Danny going as Mr. Beard man lol and then no more blondie..


Family Picture... Well half the family..


Frying the turkey.. kinda a man thing lol or maybe it just takes all of them to watch it 🙂


Danny making his sweet potatoes