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Who’s wearing the pants now?

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Haha so for Halloween this year Danny and I decided to dress up with what we had. So we did a little swap, I dressed up as him and he dressed up as me. It was really funny. Danny wasn’t very comfortable, but I was more than comfortable. Guys have it so easy. Put a t-shirt on and a ball cap and your good to go. We headed up to Oakdale to the Krums where we had a group of friends and family over to play games and eat. We had a lot of fun, they introduced to the Sign game, where we probably played it for a good couple hours.


Could you tell?? lol Yes it was the quickest put together. Danny kinda pulls that off.


Mom and Ron.. Wonder parents 🙂


Here's the sandwich I made for Danny for work on Halloween.. LOL