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The Honeymoon..

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Incredible Incredible.. I think Iam the luckiest girl in the whole world… I marry the man of my dreams then head off to a fairytale honeymoon across the world. We flew into Venice, Italy on Monday early afternoon after our 17 hour long flight from San Fransisco. If you have ever seen pictures of Venice, it’s even better than that. We were pretty exhausted when we first got there so we took a little power nap before we hit the town. It was so relaxing, I liked the fact that we didn’t have a time line to get things done, we simply did whatever we wanted.. If we anted to shop, eat, just walk around, lie on the beach or go back to the room and sleep we did. I loved seeing how other people live there lives.. There pace of life there is SOO much slower than ours here, it’s like a breathe of fresh air not having to run around with a million things to do. We did a lot of shopping and eating. We tried to have something different every night.. Some nights spaghetti, then pizza, maybe lasagna… But our favorite was the daily trip to the galetto (ice cream) I think we were in love haha.. It was amazing..  We stayed right on the waterfront in St Marco square overlooking the ocean. We couldn’t have had any better of a view. The people are so friendly over there, and luckily enough people spoke english, though I have to say Danny did a pretty good job communicating in french at times. I didn’t even bother, I sounded too much like a english girl trying to hard 🙂 We also got to take a boat over to the Murano Island, also known as the Glass Island. Here they show you how they make beautiful glass pieces. Out of our price range thats for sure, but no harm in just looking 🙂 It was a trip of a life time… We took in every moment and feel so blessed to have gotten this kind of opportunity. Then we headed back home, again another LONG plane flight, excited to start our married life together!!!


Here we are in Venice about to take our Gandola Ride..


In front of St. Mark's Square


Yummy!! About all Danny wanted to eat.


Guess who...


I think this was our favorite part of our night..